October 7, 2015

White Dog watched and turned to me, "maybe we should have a competition to judge just who has the best chef."

The last two White Dogs to get their meals are Benson and Nilla, who eat side-by-side. Benson's bowl is filled with the nutritious home cooked kidney diet meals that Tami makes up for him. Nilla joins the rest of the White Dog Army in the mackerel, rice,blueberries and vegetables mix that Steve cooks.

Steve carries a bowl in each hand as he walks out to where both pups dine. He holds them high because both dogs leap like basketball stars in their excitement. They know once Steve hits "the spot" that they must sit and wait for him to set the bowls down and release them but the walk out is vigorously athletic.

White Dog has concocted the idea of a contest to see which dog, Nilla or Benson, can jump the highest for his or her meal. It is WD's theory that this will be an indicator of the better meal, and thus, chef.

Ferguson quietly suggests that maybe declaring such a winner would not be fair...or nice. "What if it is more a matter of who has stronger legs not more of a desire to eat?" he asks. "Besides," Puff asks in her matriarchal wisdom, "why must we compete? Both are wonderful meals made with love and care by very skilled chefs. Let us be thankful that we don't have to hunt for grubs and baby birds or eat from dumpsters each day."

Benson lifted his head from his bowl and nudged Nilla. She turned her pumpkin stained muzzle to him and raised an eyebrow. "Did somebody just say something about eating baby birds?" "Yick!"

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Random Felines said...

We think being grateful for any chef is a good idea