November 10, 2015

White Dog ALWAYS sleeps against the left front side of my desk with her neck hooked around the back of my heel as I work at the computer. It is HER spot.

She is very tolerant of having Bella squish up against her sometimes and allows the others to lie on the right side or behind me. But the left side with her head in the legwell...off limits!

So it was curious as Benson pressed first just his snout against my right leg that WD issued a reminder growl. Benson ignored her and moved to press his entire side along me. She shifted uncomfortably.  I petted him with one hand and calmed White Dog with the other.

The light dawned; Benson was submarining into the leg area under the desk. "Come on Buddy," I said to him. "I know you love me but come on out of there." Now only his tail was within reach without moving my chair.

White Dog pressed against my left leg claiming me as HERS. She looked at me and demanded I DO something. I thought I was about to have a war of momma possession. But no...

The furnace kicked on, flooding the space under the desk with heat (the vent is strategically positioned to bathe my footsies in warmth during the colder months).

Benson wasn't interested in his momma! He plopped down in the well on top of my feet and stretched to soak up the blowing heat. I heard his sigh and imagined his eyes starting to close.

White Dog, no longer afraid of having to share my attentions, settled back into her usual position with a slight modification...her head was pillowed on the eggplant stuffie I placed next to me on the floor as a compromise.

And when Nilla came in to lie behind the chair and Sachi slid into Superman pose at the spot Benson had started in on my right, I prayed that my bladder would not require an escape from the Eskie trap.

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Random Felines said...

ah yes....the ever loving attraction of blowing warm air :)