November 14, 2015

"White Dog? White Dog?" She was just next to me a moment ago at my desk. I was about to send her to get the story behind Steve's "HEY!" and the blizzard of White Dogs suddenly charging out of the dog door. Only she wasn't with me.

There was no further commotion so I finished up what I was doing before going into the front room. Steve had just returned from the grocery and was in the kitchen unpacking the bags. The only White Dog in sight was Puff, confidently prancing around on her new toe grips.

"How was shopping," I asked, "get everything on the list?" "The stock on everything was surprisingly low but I managed to get almost everything. No spanakopita but I got eggplant stacks instead." "Good, I'll just switch it out on the menus for the week."

"Oh, and don't count on extra chicken for lunch salad." "The deli was low on rotisserie birds, eh?" "They dd only have one whole one left but I got another that was pieces." "Well, that will be fine, I am going to take the extra off the bone anyway."

"No," Steve insisted. "There won't be extra." "Love, two chickens are way more than you and Candace and I are going to eat...even if all the White Dogs get nibbles." "Oh they WON'T be getting nibbles," he said with uncharacteristic strength.

I raised an eyebrow.

"We now only have one whole chicken, and one wing."  Suddenly the picture was becoming clearer. "I brought in the first round of grocery bags and went out for the rest, In just that short a time the WDA found the cutup bird, tore open the plastic container, and were ALL enjoying it. They even cleaned up the floor after." "Bones and all, I presume?" He nodded. "Even White Dog?" She had her face right in the midst of it all. They were wonderfully cooperative and no one was aggressive or blocked the others; you would have been proud." Proud was not quite what I was thinking.

Steve finished unpacking and we put together the rest of the meal. Candace came in to join us and was swarmed by the most adorable mob of charmsters..."Hmm," she said, "what did you all do?" She was taken by Steve's "No bites or treats for ANY one!" but managed not to feel too guilty in denying them once she heard the story.

Sachi, normally the first done with dinner is a chow hound who has to be put in the bathtub until the others finish eating. oddly he did not finish his bowl. He looked rather green. "Gluttony is a sin for a reason," I told him. He just moaned softly. He tried to jump up on the couch next to Candace but could not lift his little body. Candace took pity on him and picked him up and placed him next to her, saying at the same time, "Don't think this means you are getting any of my dinner." The look on his face said that she need not worry about his even attempting to convince her otherwise.


NanĂ¼k said...

Oh lovely that there were no fights about the spoils eh?? BOL BOL BOL!!


Random Felines said...

and yet we suspect they may not have learned their lesson :)

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Eggplant,,,?? hummm