November 22, 2015

White Dog looked out of the window and sighed. It was a noise of expected sadness, the mood of Autumnal loss, followed by "FINALLY!" as she gathered herself, leapt off of the chair and ran to scratch at the front door.

Steve understood. He opened the front door. White Dog bolted in front of him to do joyful zoomies all through the leaves.

Later, the others would have their opportunity but this was Leaves Drop Day, the day she has been anticipating for nearly two weeks.

Leaves, not grass, color our front yard green on this, Leaves Drop Day.


TwoSpecialWires said...


Gus said...

There are many ways that White Dog reminds us of the Muzzer. This one was a surprise! We have had leaf drop day for the last week around here. Dad sweeps and rakes. Muzzer plops and rolls.

We have spoken with the human sissies about this. They say it is far too late now to change her, so we should just enjoy it.


Teka and Gussie

Random Felines said...

and then the momma gets to spend days picking leaves out of white dog furs :)

Jo's World said...

Have fun, Siku Marie! Sometimes the thing we wait for longingly, IS just as fun as we hoped for. Other times, in our ordinary day, something comes along that is not expected and turns out to be the most fun of all.

I hope you have lots of both kinds!

Jo and Stella