November 5, 2015

White Dog and Ferguson were listening in the bathroom. Zso and Nilla and Bella sang from the kitchen gate down the stairwell. Sachi and Benson hopped in and out through the dog door trying to locate Steve.

He was down in the basement vacuuming the furnace filter and cleaning the it in preparation for this season's inaugural use.

When he came back upstairs, he had an Army of supervisors to follow him from vent to vent as he removed the covers, dusted them off, and then cleaned out the duct work. Each had to stick a snooter down each hole to check his work.

Finally it was time for a trial run. Things have gotten chilly at night here, and it takes longer in the morning for the house to feel comfortable. Puff has let us know the unhappiness of her old bones by spending most mornings lying in the direct sunbeams that pour in through the patio door of the bedroom. I have enjoyed Zsofia's big form stretched across my feet and have pulled the afghan over my lap more and more often. It WAS time.

Steve turned up the thermostat. We all sat silently, respectfully, hopefully...and could not help but smile a bit broader when we heard the machine click into action and then felt heat pour out.

Nap positions have changed for the White Dog Army. No longer are the spots under the swamp cooler downdrafts desirable. At some point Steve will climb on the roof and winterize the coolers and cover them.

Now all sought spots near the warmer places...except my boy, YoYoMa, truly the Arctic dog at heart...and Zsofia who seems to enjoy going outside until her coat is cold to touch and then rubbing up against you.

We hope Candace and her girls enjoy this milestone of the year as much as we do as Steve heads out for the easier task of setting her baseboard system to warming.

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