December 11, 2015

White Dog dutifully went out and laid in the momma chair to do in her part in supervising the 8:30am delivery of the new refrigerator. The entire White Dog Army was intensely interested in the big truck that pulled into the driveway and they were miffed when Steve gated the entry to the kitchen and locked down the dog door with every pup inside.

Then incredibly Steve allowed two burly guys he did not know to bring a huge silver box through the yard into the kitchen. Not only did he not sniff a single thing but he THEN let those guys STEAL our refrigerator. The White Dog Army pleaded and howled their objections and begged Steve to come to his senses.

By the time he removed the gate and unlocked the dog door the truck was making a clean get away.

Zsofia, Pearl, Bella and Sachi gave it their best effort...zooming out of the dog door and leaping against the gate. But the truck disappeared...and along with it, our increasingly unreliable old white frig.

Every pup came dashing in to leap on the bed and pull at the blankets to let me know the travesty which had just happened...and to tell me of the new silvery machine that stood in the kitchen. The WDA was concerned about Steve's blind trust as he inserted his head and shoulders inside this new untested beast as he washed out its insides and made ready to transfer the food...our FOOD, the WDA wailed...into this new suspicious stranger with a DRAWER at the bottom.

"Who ever heard of the a freezer at the bottom," WD worried. "We can't even reach our heads into the refrigerator space," Sachi moaned, "it is too high up."

When I came out to look a bit later, the Army was arrayed around the kitchen and its doorway watching the new appliance. It wasn't until Steve opened the door and drew out the storage container that held their food that they relaxed...slightly. "Breakfast, anyone?" he asked.


Jo's World said...

What a relief! Anything Could have happened, the dog food could have been taken. The truck drivers could have taken the old fridge AND the new one leaving you fridgeless.
You are lucky people and pups that all this worked out OK! I am certainly happy for you, and so is Stella!


rottrover said...

OMD!! Humans are SO trusting!! Thank dogness that Steve rewcued your foodables!!

-Ruby and Otto