December 13, 2015

White Dog buried her head against my arm and the blankets; the light from outside was blinding considering the hour. "And it is SO cold," she murmured though her voice was muffled from her face pressed into the thick quilt.

Not every one felt the desire to cocoon with momma. It was a cold crisp bright blue day (23 degrees F) and IT HAD SNOWED!


NanĂ¼k said...

Oh what a wonderful video, we are so happy for everyone:) Is that Sachi rough-housing with Zso? Looks like so much fun, enjoy,


Random Felines said...

holy moly....it was almost 70 degrees HERE this weekend. weird.... but glad your snow dog got her fix :)

The Daily Pip said...

You guys have snow and we here in "cold Chicago" have weather in the sixties! Have fun playing in the snow.

I started my series on special needs adoptions today. Hope to feature you all soon!