December 23, 2015

White Dog and The White Dog Army watched Steve bring in the groceries and excitedly wagged to see the components for or Christmas Day dinner, but when his last trip to the car yielded a fresh whole turkey their eyes got wide in wonder.

Their fascination was even more frothed when, after putting the groceries away, Steve prepared the bird in the roaster, added vegetables to the cavity and tucked the pan into the oven to cook.

"Really?" they asked each other. "Did we forget a birthday?" "Is it ANOTHER special day?" Finally they concluded it best not to question kismet and to enjoy whatever was to come for whatever reason.

Little did the WDA know that Steve was merely taking advantage of a special offer at the grocery for an incredibly discounted bird if your regular groceries totalled a certain amount. Well, ours met the criteria and the White Ones benefited.

But we needed to use the turkey immediately as our refrigerator and freezer were both brmming over. Steve called home and we decided to roast the bird and use it for regular meals over the next week. The bones wold make great stock. And it was a bargain!

Hours of sniffing entertainment later the turkey was cooked. At dinner, none of the White Dog Army considered the meal a cut-rate deal. No bowls were left with even a speck of turkey juice in the bottom. The pack circled and tested each others' feeders just to make sure.

I believe Nilla spoke for every member of the Army afterward as she jumped up on the couch, settled herself, let loose a HUGE belch and then sighed.

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