December 8, 2015

White Dog walked past the bed and looked. She went outside. Came back in and looked again. "STILL at it?" she asked her brother. "You are SUCH a drama queen!"

About 15 minutes before WD even walked in, I noticed Sachi was rubbing the side of his head hard against my hand. "Let's take a look," I told him as I lifted him into my arms and peered into his ear canal. "Ick! Baby Boy! You need an ear cleaning." He begin whimpering softly and squirming to get down. I called for Steve's help as I turned our 12 Pounds of Terror into a better position to support/cradle/restrain him (depending on whose perspective you asked).

Steve got out the drops and squeezed two into the furry tunnel. Before he could get his fingers around the ear to massage the fluid down, Sachi flung his head back and forth like a pup demonically possessed while at the same time trying to nip Steve. (AND spattering my glasses with ear drops). I shifted his position for more head control while continuing to explain gently the need for clean ears.

Steve used a swab to pull out nasty gunk as Sachi howled and the White Dog Army charged in to defend their comrade in need. "Brace yourself," Steve warned me. "I am going for the other ear." Fortunately the second was relatively clean and we finished up too quickly for much of a reaction.

Sachi was complimented on his bravery and Steve gave him a couple of dried chicken toes as a reward. Sachi carried the treat to the corner of the bed. Carefully set it down and then went into his wounded bear dance.

He dropped his front shoulder so that he could scoot his ear all over the bedspread as he cried piteously. Then he stopped and stood upright to shake his entire body forcefully before planting his bottom next to the treat and howling like a wolf. Then he repeated his scoot and rub dance.

"Don't want the toes, Buddy?" Steve asked and reached to pick them up. Sachi growled a menacing warning before rolling all over them. He carried them to Steve's pillow. "I think you are now being punished," I told him knowing that the dried toes are kind of stinky.

Sachi still screamed his song of torture but the WDA had grown bored and began to drift off. The Little Man ran along the edges of the bed imploring them to share his misery and then finally gave up to settle down and munch his treat.

From White Dog in the other room I heard, "Sheesh! Finally!"


The Daily Pip said...

Ear cleaning is no fun! We had a similar experience here - only it was my human child having her ears cleaned and my furry child running into to make sure she was OK.

Random Felines said...

ah the drama....we got one those here when she gets her nails trimmed (*cough*Ivy*cough*)

meowmeowmans said...

Way to sing the song of your people, Sachi! Gracie and Zoe do that when we're on our way to their yearly vet exam. We hope your ears feel better soon.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I do not mind ear cleaning at all.. The doctor showed how to use cotton balls saturated in ear medicine!