January 24, 2016

White Dog suggested we go back to our Sunday tradition of park time. "Sweet Love," I said to her, "You are still convalescing from your back injury and dad is struggling with his ankle still. Do you think that is a good idea?" Her thought was quickly seconded by Steve who promised to wrap the weak joint and move slowly...and by the others, particularly YoYoMa and Zsofia.

It WAS a nice day, blustery but warm in the sun. But I knew Steve could not hold up to park fun with the entire WDA. As is often the momma's job, I offered a compromise.

"How about if White Dog goes but promises to not do zoomies and stay with me? Zsofia and Yo you can also go but you must promise to keep dad's needs in mind. And Steve you can take Zso and Yo because they most need the long stretch and a park WALK would be good for you all."

Sad faces looked back at me from those not selected. "Wait, I am not done. When we get home Dad must go run a few errands. Sachi, Puff and White Dog can ride along. And this afternoon, for a treat, Benson, Nilla and Pearl can walk with Dad over to the coffee place on Central to bring back sugar cookies to share." The Cafe has tables out front which would allow Steve and team to order and carryout. "Bella, you and Opal can stay with me while we wait then for snack time." Bella refuses to leave without me except for her night walk and Opal is not yet ready even for those nightly leashed moments.

"Does that work for everypup?" The White Dog Army thought for a moment; tails began to wag. "Then let's get this Sunday fun underway!"

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