January 27, 2016

White Dog was quietly coaching the rest of the White Dog Army in the hallway. "Remember this is going to be a rough day for momma," she told them. "So we must be extra kind and be sure we give her LOTS of love."

She was right. I woke with my hand dangling over the edge of the bed, like I had a week ago. Except then Ferguson's soft furs and harness reassured me. Today was one week since he left us and my hand hung in the air.

I took a deep breath and spoke into the Universe. "Ferguson, I am going to be brave today. Please walk beside me and keep me focused on all that is full of light and love. I will try not to mourn but to take comfort in feeling your spirit. I love you, always."

Just as I finished mentally putting on my shield and was preparing to rise, the phone rang. Steve must have been outside so I reached over and grabbed the handset.

It was Best Friends, the pet cemetery, calling to let us know Ferguson's paw print was ready to come home.


Random Felines said...

when we lost Coral, mom had gotten stronger, and then the guy showed up with her ashes and mom melted into a teary mess again. it is a serious of ups and downs.....

Brian said...

Love and hugs from all of us gang.

meowmeowmans said...

We cried anew when they called to let us know Moosey ashes were ready to bring home. Hugs, love and purrs to you all, sweet friends.