January 30, 2016

White Dog snuck off into the office with Steve. We had decided that after a long day we would treat the entire family to carryout dinner...and Chinese was the final decision. The two went into the office to call in the order because in the living room, with all of the White Dog Army present, the call would have been a series of interruptions as one pup or another thought of something else we should order. We would understand and edit the choices to avoid a $900 take out bill...but the poor order taker on the other end of the phone would hear a cacophony of barks and yips and growls.

"Yes, we want 14 pot stickers," Steve told the gentleman at Kai's. "And an order of pork fried rice with vegetables. A Chinese broccoli and chicken. Beef and Mushroom Mix...and oh yes, homestyle bean curd and vegetables. What is that?"

"Yes, we ARE kind of having a party. Let's add an order of veggie egg fu yung with NO onions. And of course we will need 12 fortune cookies."

White Dog and Steve rejoined us and sat down. The rest of the White Dogs looked at Steve and then at the kitchen counter where their bowls waited. He did not move. They fidgeted. After about 15 minutes Steve got up and signalled WD to come with him. They left in the car as every pup looked concerned.

Shortly after White Dog burst back through the door to announce that "DINNER HAS ARRIVED." Steve followed carrying a shopping bag. He led the Army into the kitchen as they followed the fantastic smells wafting from his bag.

The White Dog Army enjoyed rice, chicken and broccoli, a spoonful of mushrooms, assorted vegetables and a crisp triangle of bean curd all topped with a pot sticker. There were no complaints.

After, Steve and I called each White Dog forward to read his or her fortune and to give them their cookie. No one was shocked at White Dog's "You are destined for success and fame." and we all laughed at Sachi's "Your good looks often get you out of trouble." The best by far was Steve's, which read "A present is coming from a great distance."

"Momma," said Zsofia after. I looked up giving her my attention. "Next time can we use chop sticks?"


Random Felines said...

that sounds like a delicious party!! and love the fortunes :)

Jake of Florida said...

What fun!!! I want to see the chopsticks lesson!!! xxxx