January 7, 2016

White Dog had my file cabinet drawer open and was pawing through the folders. Nilla and Benson were lying on top of two of my reference books, both open and they were reading passages to each other. Pearl and Sachi were striking different wrestling poses as Zsofia took notes about which allowed for deepest breathing. Bella and YoYoMa paged through cookbooks...Yo one of favorite man meals and Bella one on tasty healthy choices. Opal sat in the hallway with our herb guide reading entries studiously. Puff was on her left with a lovely book of spells and incantations. Where do she get that I wondered before asking, "so gang, what's up?"

Steve, in the office on the computer, was being supervised by Ferguson from the oxygen kennel. He answered me. "The White Dog Army has decided to do some research on their own to see if they can come up with some suggestions to get Ferg back on track, I told them to give it their best effort and to take notes...we will consider anything with potential..." At this point he was roundly shushed by WD, "trying to concentrate here."

I went into the living room. Seeing the care and dedication of the White Dogs as they explored every avenue to find a solution to Ferguson's ailments made my heart sing. I thought about my amazing Army and how they genuinely cared for each other and worked together. There was no abandoning a dog down in this family.

Steve responded to Ferg's pushing at the kennel door. "Need to go out, Bud? Come on I will take you to the yard." All books and files were gently set aside so that the WDA could take a break to accompany him.

When they came back in I was just finishing my call to Dr. Julia. "So here is what we are going to try next," I told Ferguson, now in my arms, and the others standing expectantly around me. "We are going back to the prednisone because we know that was working and keeping your appetite up. And the gabapenten, too. But we are going to switch out to tramadol," Ferguson made a nasty face. "I know it tastes yucky but only a small amount til we see. Turmeric paste. And pepcid for your tummy troubles." There was shifting among the pack. "Let's give it a try," Steve encouraged. "In the meantime come up with alternatives for us to try as well. One thing that is NOT going to happen is giving up!"


Brian said...

We hope that works for dear Ferguson.

Random Felines said...

With the WDA on the case, he's in good paws. And we are sending lots of healing purrs