January 9, 2016

White Dog came charging in through the dog door and in one fluid movement was up on the bed. It was mere nanoseconds before Bella copied her actions exactly. Before I could even note my delight and surprise at being so effusively greeted this morning, the door swung open again and a streak of white blazed past at top speed.

I wasn't being greeted. White Dog and Bella were simply seeking safe haven from the tornado that entered on their tails. "Who was that?" I asked but a wooing Zsofia following the streak at top speed drowned me out. I waited and counted to five.

Bringing up the rear, and with barely enough room to move out of the way before the comets boomeranged back through the room and out into the yard, was a panting Sachi. He looked for a moment at the door, considering whether to give chase but instead plopped himself on the cushion inside Benson's crate.

Steve called from the other room, "that little girl is FAST! Did you see Pearl and Zso playing chase?" "Was that who just left a trail of smoke? I would not have guessed." "Zsofia is faster because of her longer legs, but Pearl certainly gives the Dark One a run for her money. And poor Sachi just refuses to admit that he is a VW Beetle among Corvettes."

"They ARE just playing, right? It is not aggressive?" With that Zso came in followed by Pearl; they both took long drinks then curled up together in a sunpuddle.


The Daily Pip said...

What a way to welcome a new day in a flash of white dog energy and love!

Brian said...

The fun n' run is a must do!

Random Felines said...

good job Pearl.....glad someone can give the Dark Dog a run for her money :)