February 1, 2016

White Dog pulled Steve into the room to take a photo. "New month, new progress," she captioned as he snapped. Others in the White Dog Army had different taglines:

"You said it would not be long until she joined us," Nilla said making room in the crowd.

"Welcome to the Club," muttered Yo, "just remember I am a member and the Founder so I always go first."

"Hey! Not so much!" Pearl.

Today, Opal, our still very shy girl, mustered all of her courage to join the select elite membership of the Share Momma's Coffee Club. Consisting of YoYoMa, Nilla, Benson, Zsofia, Pearl, and on occasion Sachi, the Club meets every morning post-breakfast to share a few sips of heavy cream with a dash of coffee before turning to face the day with confidence.

Opal has been curious and has snuck over when we were alone for a stretched neck sample but today was a full commitment of joining the group, waiting her turn and then  plunging her snooter into the creamy dreamy beverage.

Opal's choice of caption: "Sweet elixer of the dogs, WHERE have you been all of my life!"


The Daily Pip said...

I'm happy Opal was so brave today and had herself a wee taste of the yumminess.

Random Felines said...

mom gets coffee drinks sometimes...she can't leave them around here unsupervised or some cat (*cough*Tommy*cough*) goes after them....

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I wonder is she liked the yummy when she tasted it?