February 17, 2016

White Dog said, "It really comes down to two things. One, YOU were the one who was gone to the doctor this morning and then left again tonight for that business meeting. Two, it is kind of flattering that she cares so much."

Not much in terms of advice on how to deal with the situation, but WD was right. It seems our sweet coming out of her shell little Opal has some separation anxiety issues.

It is strange because for the most part our shy girl IS still our timid one. It is not like she cuddles or lies at my feet. It was a huge accomplishment the other day when she forgot herself for a moment and took a treat actually from my fingers instead of waiting for me to toss it. During the day she joins us to nap on the couch but mostly she stays to herself on the pink rug next to the bed. Whether I am at home or not wouldn't, I thought, make a difference in her day as long as meals are on time.

And yet, when we turned back the blankets last night at bedtime, my pillowcase had been chewed...not the pillow, just the case. Steve's side of the bed was undisturbed.

The only White Dogs who go on the bed by themselves during the day are Zsofia (and she chews sticks there not the bedthings), WD (who loves to watch the birds), Pearl (as an escape from Sachi's attentions as he jumps up and down trying to entice her down)...and Opal (who never stays but jumps up, snoofles around and hops back down). The destruction seemed to point to Opal as our culprit.

In the morning when we make the bed, we will cover my pillows with some of the stuffie toys from the toy box to offer an alternative. "Your bed will look like a teenager's," White Dog laughed. "Maybe so," I reply, "but if it placates Opal and saves my pillow, I will live with having a teddy bear and a red heart there."

That my little girl frets so when I am not home IS flattering; probably the rarity of being out twice in one day was tough on someone still defining her environment. The others are all so accepting and secure that it never occured to me to take an extra moment to reassure her.

My schedule is home-based for most of the rest of the week and if I leave, I will make a point of telling her not to worry and giving her a stuffie to cling to...with a promise of a treat upon my return. The enitre WDA will want in on that new greet momma ritual.

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