February 20, 2016

White Dog agreed with the rest of the White Dog Army as they surged onto the sun porch that it was nearly warm enough to remove the winter protection from the windows and to leave the front door open. I motioned every pup back into the living room and closed the front door. "I believe you are just a bit premature in your throwing open the house to the coming season," I responded.

We have had an unusual warm spell the past few day with temperatures in the mid-seventies. It has confused the WDA and caused all to question the calendar.

As a counterargument WD showed me green pushing through the earth
And buds beginning to form on the trees
Steve strengthened the WDA's Spring Fever. "I am going out to begin a little spring cleanup," he announced. "Anyone want to help pick up sticks and maybe rake piles of old leaves?"

Suddenly I was nearly alone. White Dog moved closer to my shoulder to add her body heat to mine and Bella came out from under the chair to lay on the blanket covering my feet. Everyone else galloped out to the yard to get their paws a little earthy and feel the warm sun on their faces.

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