February 23, 2016

White Dog could not believe it was SNOWING! "It was 75 degrees two days ago," she groused, "and now this!" Not even the Snow Queen, Zsofia was happy. "The flakes are melting in the sky and by the time I can catch them, they are just cold water! And nothing is even landing on the ground. It is a huge tease."

So everyone sat in the living room and pouted at this day of betweenness. It wasn't sunny but it wasn't dark and stormy...it was kind of in between. Same with the temperature; not warm but not exactly winter wonderland weather, either.

The White Dog Army did not want to drill basic skills. No one cared for mental activity games. Presented with opportunities, my White Ones looked at the treat bag and when not reward for simply BEING, wandered off.

It did not help that Steve was trapped in the same low energy vortex. He is fighting a sloshy drippy head cold and wanted to curl up and nap as much as possible before heading off to school.

Oatmeal hot with melty butter, cream and a touch of brown sugar and pepper bacon made the perfect lunch as we shared and watched the lovely huge snowflakes dance past the window before disappearing.

And then back to staring at the indecisive sky, napping, and LOTS of heavy sighing. Some days are just like that, I tell my loves, but ther eyes respond, "Why?"

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