February 3, 2016

White Dog later called it "the White Dog Zombie attack." No one argued with her because they were passed out, sound asleep after breakfast.

Opal often gets up in the night and makes a trip outside. The sound of the dog door clicking hardly penetrated my sleep. I never heard the others follow. Steve was totally in the sound sleep zone and noted nothing unusual until the door banged open with a vengeance and Pearl came flying through the bedroom at zoomie speed.

She was followed by Sachi and Bella, also running at top speed...and Zsofia who took a shortcut across the top of the bed to close the gap between her and her sibling. She was wooing up a storm.

Zsofia? I nudged Steve as the thundering train came back through the bedroom and crashed back outside. By the time he awakened enough for me to ask about the Darkest White One, the group was making a reentry, still at the speed of light. I heard them all go into the office (their only option since we close off the living room wing at night), skid to a stop, spin around, and head back out. Now, YoYoMa joined them.

"Steve? Did you kennel Zso tonight?" "Huh? Yeah, of course." "Well she and the others are out in the yard...no here they come...barrelling through the house." "Are you sure?" I did not need to answer as they came through yet again, running and barking like lunatics.

I heard White Dog complain in the office. "They are waking everyone in the house; they are crazy and super energized." Steve had scooted to the end of the bed. "The kennel is still locked," he told me. "So how does your baby happen to be..." she jumped up on the bed to greet Steve..."sitting on the bed with us?"

"And what is with everyone doing zoomies NOW?" Opal finally made an appearance. Seemed that she had been avoiding the whole event and had been waiting for a moment of calm to come in from a simple potty break.

The Zombie Pack, YoYoMa, Sachi, Bella, and Pearl were sitting at my feet as if expecting treats. Zso nosed the treat jar on the headboard in case I had not gotten the message.

"You nut cases wake us in the middle of the night tearing through the house for what? Because you want treats? Really?" I asked. They seemed to find no flaw in their plan. "And how did you get out, Baby Girl?" Steve asked Zsofia. "Instead of an answer she licked his face and lay down in his lap.

"Honestly," I told them. "You are getting ONE treat and then it is back to sleep." I reached for the treat jar. Suddenly ALL the White Dogs were awake and WD trotted in from the office. "ONE! And then good night! And I mean all of you."


Random Felines said...

apparently you should have named her Houdini :)

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Just one!!

24 Paws of Love said...

They got you trained! bol!