February 5, 2016

White Dog jumped out of the way. "Oh-oh, I think Sachi is going to be sick," she announced as she cleared space enough for Steve to grab him and try to run outside...but not quite fast enough...the Little Man upchucked about three feet from the door.

We knew our Happy Boy was not feeling well. All day he had avoided wrestling despite Pearl's repeated invitations to play. He sniffed breakfast and walked away. Lying on momma's blanket with his head on my feet was the location of choice for most of the afternoon.

Steve even had to bribe him to eat just a few bites of rice and broth at dinner time and although his head said "yes!" to treats Sachi just lamely took them and set them down at his feet.

"Poor Baby," we told him at bedtime as he crawled to the end of the bed and sighed heavily. "a good night's sleep and you will be MUCH better by morning." Then it was lights out.

Sometime during the night, I felt Sachi jump off the bed rather frantically and head out of the dog door. He seemed gone a long time before Zsofia led him back in and woke me to let me know that he needed attention.  Zsofia?

I sat up and picked up the Little Guy. He was wet and sticky at his back side. I gently said Steve's name trying to wake him without panic. Zsofia felt I was not dealing with the situation quickly enough. She jumped on the bed and stood on Steve, wooing in his face.

"What is she doing out?" he asked as he came to consciousness. "She is trying to tell you we need to look at Sachi."

We turned on the light and discovered our glickie sickie one had experienced an explosive digestive tract and was quite a mess. He was even a bit bloody. Reassuring Steve and Zso not to panic that it most likely was a side effect of the diarrhea, I explained that we WOULD have to give him a bath, right then in the middle of the night. Poor Sachi was clearly exhausted from his body's rebellion but he put up with being soaped and washed and cleaned. He fell asleep wrapped in towels as I dried him. We put one of Puff's sweatshirts on because I worried he would be cold since his furs were still damp. And then we turned to Zsofia.

"How?' Steve asked her. Once again the kennel was still locked. I took a different approach. "I know you are worried about your best friend, Sweet Girl. You were VERY smart to figure out how to come to his aid." With that Steve returned her to her suite, and shut off the light.

It only took the sound of Sachi softly moaning in his sleep to lure Zso back out...only this time we were waiting. Steve has always only locked the top latch of two on the kennel door. Our girl went to the bottom corner and pushed with her nose. The crate door gave enough that she could slip her head out. She twisted like a contortionist until her shoulders were free and then heaved her back legs through. It was efficient and silent. She stood at the end of the bed with her head against Sachi.

"Come on, precious one! You can sleep next to your friend tonight to make sure he is all right." It was more crowded than usual but she wrapped herself around Sachmo and soon all were asleep.
Sachi was feeling better in the morning but still not quite back to normal.
He wanted to keep the sweatshirt on. "Thinks it makes him look gangsta," White Dog said.


NanĂ¼k said...

Hope woo feal better soon Sachi!


♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

We hope today is a better day for Sachi. Zsofia, we know you were only trying to help, but you need to stay in your crate and stop escaping. Try singing a song of woos to get their attention:)

Woos - Ciara and Lightning

Brian said...

We sure hope the all better shows up soon for you Sachi.