March 21, 2016

White Dog never hesitates when you ask if she wants to go for a ride. She never cares where we are going; she is keen for the experience and adventure.

I also believe she is glad for the alone time with us, much to the chagrin of ALL her siblings who want to come, too. But I remember that our girl was an only child for more than 5 years before the White Dog Army and wonder if she misses the intimacy sometimes.

Steve and I have been trying to increase WD's opportunities for reminders that she has some special privileges as the Leader of the White Dog Army. It is easy sometimes for her to lose herself in being understanding of the needs of the others and standing aside to provide emotional support to members of our family who require more reassurance, training, or just attention.

The car rides are not to gala events or for special considerations...usually the ride is to accomplish mundane, everyday errands...but WD loves lying in the co-captain's basket between Steve and I and just "going."

Today she hopped into the car and never once asked "where are we going?" It was a trip to purchase dog necessities and then a quick stop at the grocery.

She rode in my lap into the pet store and was delighted to be greeted by Laurie, "Oh, it is one of the White Dog Army," and by Lisa who knew her by name. WD enjoyed the attention of free samples and compliments as Steve loaded dog food and treats onto the checkout counter.

As we headed toward the grocery, Steve noted the lateness of the the afternoon hour and he had the "hungries." WD did not object to an unscheduled stop for driveup ice cream.

While Steve ran into the store with our short list, WD and I wondered how the entire parking lot could be packed full at 4pm on a Monday afternoon. Then we settled together, her chin on the window, to soak in the late day sun and to people watch.

Not exactly the stuff of major motion pictures but kind of a together comfort.

When we returned home, the others helped supervise the unbagging of the food. White Dog happy with her little bit of "liberation," melded back into her role within the White Dog Army and eventually found her way to her spot behind the watching chair. Contented.

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Random Felines said...

our grandparents have started taking their woofie Izzo with them during the day. Only if they are going place he can come inside with them - but so many hardware store type places are dog friendly that he is a big hit (and he LOVES the truck)