March 23, 2016

White Dog's puppy photos are adorable. She is a tiny ball of floof with big black eyes that melt the soul.

Zsofia as a puppy was an energizer bunny of antics and constant demands for attention.

And we share those views on National Puppy Day  But Zsofia feels it horribly unfair that we do not have "baby" pictures of the rest of the White Dog Army...those who have joined us as rescues, adult and well past the wobbly tumbling rolli-polliness cuteness of puppies.

We looked around the room and tried to imagine...
"STOP!" White Dog hissed at Zso and I. "DON'T you get it? Puppy is a state of mind. Some of my family did not get a chance to be a puppy UNTIL they came here. Wasn't Nilla discovering the joy of a park walk full of puppy rapture? Or Opal tearing up that pillow? Think about, momma, we have puppy moment photos of EVERY ONE in our pack, not just Zsofia and I. Because they never walked on a leash...or had a toy...or got into mischief UNTIL THEY WERE HERE AND SAFE AND LOVED"

And so we do...

Puff discovering plush toys and learning how to tear out squeakers
YoYoMa figuring out the challenge of bees in the hive
Bella snuggling on her Gotcha Day in total trust
Nilla in puppy bliss at the park doing zoomies and leaping despite being 15
Pearl refusing to give up her "prized" turn on the watching chair despite REALLY wanting a nap
Opal gleefully pulling the tassels off of and the stuffing from the couch pillow
Sachi sneaking the ornaments off the little Christmas tree
Benson just rolling across the living room and hoping someone will offer a belly rub.
I wrap my arms around White Dog and whisper in her ear. "Thank you, Little White Dog of My Heart, for the reminder and for knowing just how to celebrate Puppy Day White Dog Army style."


Random Felines said...

It's all about attitude and state of mind

NanĂ¼k said...

Ah Zsofia, we don't have many puppy pictures around here either, we agree that puppy is a state of mind, and in that case were are all puppies! Sardines all around!


24 Paws of Love said...

Nothing better than a second puppyhood with the WDA!!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Look at all the cuteness!