April 26, 2016

White Dog and I took a long time finding just the perfect replacement. It was like she said, "Who would have thought we would need to be searching under indestructible for something like this?"

Last week Miss Zsofia came over and laid her head on my lap asking for attention. I rubbed and scratched as she twisted her neck and shoulders to direct my fingertips. "OUCH!" I jerked my finger away and Zso turned to look at me questioningly. My finger tip was bleeding.

"What the heck?"I asked as I began retracing my finger movements now searching to find what was sharp enough in her furs to actually cut me...and potentially harm her.

I found it...on her collar where her tags hang. What once had been a lovely custom made identification tag was now a twisted sharp abstract piece of art...and the identification information was totally gone.

Her tag originally looked like this photo from the artist's website...it was a single piece of metal with an insert covered over in domed resin. The style has worked for all of the White Dog Army since Puff without ever a problem.
Steve loosened our Baby Girl's collar a couple of weeks ago as she is still growing into her more adult shaped body. Additionally, the collar is not tight for comfort and safety factors. And Zso has not tried to chew her tags since she was a wee one...apparently until now.

White Dog took measures into her own paws. "Zsofia is the one member of the White Dog Army who worries me. Should she get out, I think her home needs to be readily identifiable. Yes, she has a chip...yes, she has a collar with her name and phone embroidered on it...personally, I think her information ought to be spray painted on her side...but momma, let's look and find a new tag that cannot be destroyed."

"I am not sure there is such a thing, My Love, but I agree. Your Baby Sister would do a walk about and if I was here alone I would have to rely on the kindness of strangers to shepherd her home."

We went online, read reviews, asked a few rescue friends who specialize in big tough dogs for their choices. Then we shopped and found a thicker than average stainless steel one piece, not layered, tag that was engraved. "Maybe that will at least slow her down." White Dog hoped as we placed the order.

The tag came today and Steve took off Zso's collar to put it on the loop. Zsofia took this as a sign of freedom and played "Catch Me" with Steve as he attempted to rebell the cat. Finally, he caught her and wrestled her to the floor.

First thing she did after he fastened it? Twisted and tried to catch the new tag in her lips...then she posed for photos.


Gus said...

We like it. Do not let Teka teach her how to roach until the tag comes loose from the collar. It is also very hard on the rugs and carpets.


Random Felines said...

that spray paint idea may yet be put to use :)