April 5, 2016

White Dog was feeling out of sorts and was a little overwhelmed by all of the White Dog Army following her every move. It was definitely a "I wish I was an only child day" for the Queen of our pack. And she certainly wasn't happy when Steve and I flew out of the house very early for my appointment at the clinic for routine blood work.

When we returned, She was back in her bed in the office; ignoring the world. Steve went in and sat with her as I handed out treats to distract the others and keep them with me in the living room. WD and Steve sat together and talked as he brushed her coat and hand fed her bites of her favorite treats.

He came out a while later to make breakfast and suggested we give our girl some space for now and attention when she asked for it.

WD hid out almost all day but came to lie next to me as she always does when I began work at the computer. "Sweet Girl, seems like it is a day of feeling crowded. Are you sure you feel physically well?" I stroked and squeezed and lifted her into my lap to look at gums, eyes, and feel her pulse. "Just need some 'me' time, huh?"

She licked my cheek and I set her back in her spot. "There you are. I will reach down and pet you if you want or I can just let you rest. I will know by your reaction. I love you."

WD settled gratefully next to me and the others who joined us in the office did not invade her space. I palmed her one of my crackers. She looked up and smiled.

"Sweet One, know you will always be the Little White Dog of My Heart and that your smile always makes my day."

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Random Felines said...

it can be tough to be one of many.....but good to have a mom and dad who know how to give you space when you need it :)