April 30, 2016

White Dog put her paw on my shoulder indicating that I should let the scene play out.

Puff was splayed out, half dozing on the big fluffy bed in the living room, front paws dangling off the edge which is a position she often finds comfortable.

Zsofia came prancing in from outside and stopped to survey the room. Several of her siblings were napping in favorite spots.She woo'd an invitation to play but not even Sachi hopped down from his spot on the cushions to wrestle.

Zso looked around again and headed over to Puff. She sniffed Puff's ear. She nosed her side. "Zso," I cautioned, "she is sleeping." Zsofia looked at me and then put her face low, against Puff's, and gently sang. Then she threw herself on her back in front of Puff and nuzzled her face.

When Zsofia came to us a a mere eight week old pup, she saw Puff as her surrogate mom. She climbed on the poor Old Girl and pressed at her belly. Puff was patient even as the "baby" grew to be bigger than she was.

This moment seemed like a tender reenactment of those early days. Zso licked Puff's muzzle and sucked on her ear. For her part, Puff pushed her head against the Dark Baby's ruff and tugged at her ear. She slapped at the "Little One" in play and just like a pup, Zso responded by wiggling and rolling in delight.

"If only we had that system where all our actions were filmed," White Dog began.

The mother and child reunion continued for several minutes before Zsofia curled her body around Puff's...head over her back and front paws wrapped around her. Puff sighed deeply before relaxing into the embrace.