May 11, 2016

Benson, the White Dog Army's Mr. congeniality
White Dog thinks Benson deserves recognition as the White Dog Army's "Mr. Congeniality." Our calm and easy-going boy can be counted on as Guardian of our home and yet is unfazed when Pearl or Sachi or Bella jump up and push him out of his Watching space.

He doesn't mind when Zsofia or Nilla cut in front of his turn during the morning Coffee Club.

He is a love bug who enjoys nothing more than a kiss on the nose and a good belly rub. If he gets both, he swoons and squirms in delight.

Benson is the only one of the White Dog Army "Boyz" who does not enjoy the occasional macho hip check to a brother or ungentlemanly nose thrust to a sister. He is a model of respecting each of the others...including Sachi who sometimes can't resist a flank nip as the team harnesses up for bedtime walks.

With his special diet, Benson of Calm Certitude must dine next to momma because he generously is willing to share his unique food mix with the others...to the point that none is left for him.

It is not that he is submissive, Benson exudes confidence and a maturity that seems to say, "I just don't sweat the small stuff...and most of it is small stuff." Even more than YoYoMa, Ben is willing to just walk away from the potential for meanness.

He is so easy going that we often forget to appreciate the influence his calm, gentle confidence has on us all. White Dog is right, Benson IS Mr. Congeniality and deserves to be noted on the record as such. He is also a chow hound whose early kidney disease diet is not as restricted as it might later become. He has no calorie restraints and can enjoy yogurt and LOVES fruit. So at the queen's request, tonight our boy will be recognized and applauded with a strawberry yogurt parfait to cap off his meal.

And you know what? I already am certain he will be gracious, will share, and will be VERY grateful!


NanĂ¼k said...

Strawberries all around Benson!

Nuk & Family

Random Felines said...

having that "take it as it comes" attitude is wonderful

meowmeowmans said...

Aww. We love you, Benson. LOVE.