May 17, 2016

White Dog snuggled in against my shoulder. Benson, Pearl and Bella barked out of the window at nothing. Sachi and Zsofia complained in Steve's ear. YoYoMa grunted loudly and buried his head under the chair, while Nilla and Opal paced unhappily. Stormer, the grumpy old man, was even grumpier than normal.

And poor Puff was wrapped in a towel in my arms. The fierce weather knocked her off her outside routine and she had an accident. It was not shaping up to be a glorious day in the Land of Enchantment.

"How do we go from eighty-one degrees to forty-five?" White Dog whined. "It is the middle of May for dog's sake!" "And I read that the Crest got snow!" Steve added.

Not only was it cold but it was damp and raining. Not even Zsofia wanted to go outside and howl challenges into the wind.

Of course, all of the windows had been open when we went to bed. By the time Steve, shivering under the lighter "Summer" weight blankets, dragged himself up to seal the house, the damp chill had already seeped in. YoYoMa was sleeping like a sled dog, nose covered by his warm bushy tail.

The morning dawned grey and lifeless. Sounds seemed muted and the birds who usually sang us awake were silent. Outside, nothing moved; there was no traffic on our street. No pup had slept well.

And so it continued all day. All of the good stuff seemed somehow less vibrant (like breakfast oatmeal) and everything else (and every other pup) was irritating. There was no joy at White Dog Ranch...LOTS of boredom and resignation, but no joy.

"Come on, my loves," I begged them. "We can choose to sink into a swamp or we can fly above the storm." The White Dog Army, to a member, looked at me and chose to wallow. I kissed each on the head and said, "So be it. I will be in the office working but I am always ready to give pets, belly rubs, kisses, and encouragement. Find me if you need me."


meowmeowmans said...

We hope the weather gets better there soon, dear WDA. In the meantime, you should totally take Momma Sue up on that offer of pets, belly rubs, kisses and encouragement! :)

haopee said...

Rising above the storm should definitely be in the WDA dictionary by now. I'm sure you've encouraged them enough. My goodness, with all the things you've been through... the cold is not is just an eensy weensy speck among the many unexpected days you'll have to spend together.... And speaking of, it's definitely best to stick together than to deal with things alone... so the WDA may be complaining, but I bet their happier together through the cold and super cold.

Random Felines said...

we hope it turns around soon....it's been wild here too

Brian said...

Love helps the bad weather days go by quicker!