May 20, 2016

White Dog surveyed the stacked totes and looked pointedly at the clock. She is an old pro and had already figured out that we were going to be attending an event for Paws To People. That meant we had stayed up late to do pack out and would have to rise early.

Most of the newer recruits had joined us after event season...and a few even after opera season...so the idea of us being gone twelve hours was daunting. With CA Stormer's funky reaction to Puff, sweet little old lady Puff, looking at him we were a bit nervous. The day trip with Blues Music and huge crowds would be a lot for our senior girl to handle...as would the higher altitude. So we opted to set up the puppy playpen as a Senior Retreat with a layer of newspapers covered by absorbent towels and topped with the cushiest bed in the house. Water in a spill-proof carrier was tucked in as well. Our girl would be "Stylin'" (as Yo says).

I gathered the White Dog Army around for a few seconds after bedtime walks, BEFORE treats, when I had every one's attention.

"Tomorrow is going to be a long day and you might think dad and I have deserted you. Please worry not, we WILL be gone for a long time but we will be home in time for dinners. But we will get up extra early and eat breakfast early as well. Momma hates to leave you all for so long but this is the Charity Motorcycle Run being held to benefit Paws To People so we must be there."

The Army liked the idea of early breakfast, especially after Steve told them that they could all nap after as long as they desired. They were, however, NOT fond of the idea that we were leaving them so long.

"Can't we just have an early breakfast ALL of us...and then ALL of us take naps?" my devoted Bella asked. "Tiny Dancer," I told her holding her in my arms to reassure, "momma would rather spend the day at home with all of you but we all know that we have a mission to save lives from diseases. Dad and I have to go and help people understand." "Beside," Steve added, "momma has promised that we would return before dinner time, you know she never breaks her promises."

"How about some bedtime treats," I suggested hoping to lighten the nervous mood creeping over the WDA. That snapped things around to our normal routine.

But every pup choose to sleep in the bedroom all smashed as close together and to our bed as possible.

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meowmeowmans said...

Aw, it's hard when Momma and Dad are away from the house for longer than usual. Hang in there, dear WDA Army, while your parents do some really awesome stuff to help save the lives of people and pets. Then, just imagine the happy celebration when they get home later. Hugs!