May 28, 2016

White Dog LOVES coconut paletas, the frozen creamy fruit bar that comes in many tropical and fruit flavors. So when Steve noticed a family size box of them at Costco with mango and strawberry as well as coconut, he brought home a late afternoon surprise.

The White Dog Army lined up in perfect manners to share licks of "their" bar and every one did a good job of gently licking a few times before allowing me to move the treat to the next recipient. Such cooperation and restraint! Such grace! ...for the FIRST round of tastes.

The second time through the ranks was a little more vigorous as each member tried to lick the hardest or sneak a bite off of the bar before I moved on. But still things remained civilized...

...until I got to the last girl in line, Opal.

Opal smiled and bowed her head shyly. She timidly stretched out for a lick...

...then clamped down on the bar, twisted the stick out of my fingers and ran off with the entire coconut treat.

The WDA was unsettled. I worried for the wooden stick in the middle of the treat. Steve calmly got up and brought the remaining group a mango paleta, which I cut into pieces and offered so as to be spared a repeat of being caught with my guard down.

Opal came in just as the others finished and put her paws on my cart, clearly looking for "her" share of this new flavor. "Oh no, Little Miss! I believe you have had more than enough!"


Random Felines said...

Sneaky.... :)

KB Bear said...

That Opal is very very sneaky :)

meowmeowmans said...

Opal, that was very tricky of you! We sure are glad you didn't eat the stick!