May 30, 2016

White Dog snuggled against me. "I love days when it is just an every day normal day with nothing special going on but that somehow seems so very perfectly blissful."

The rest of the White Dogs agreed. "We were all together all day," "It was just nice to share the beautiful sunshine and day." "I love watching dad and momma working on a project together and we get to go between them to supervise." "The music and the sun filtering in were so relaxing." "Everything felt just right."

Every thing did have a special kind of "just right" to it. Our little world was a sanctuary of good feeling and gentleness. It was as if we had a protective shield around us which allowed us to focus on positive enriching activities without pressure. We worked a little. Stopped to snack. Worked some more. Took a White Dog break. Put together a simple meal based on the sauce that had been simmering all afternoon. Then watched sunset while sharing blueberries.

No one had any complaints. Except that it had to end. "Let's not think about that now," White Dog told her Army (and Steve). "It will ruin the mood. Let's enjoy every drop of this day."

Pearl and Puff smiled their support.

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Random Felines said...

those slow days are the best....