June 20, 2016

White Dog came into the office and tapped my leg. "I am so proud of the Baby," she told me. "Someday she is going to be a compassionate and giving Queen. Quietly come with me and see."

Puff was not having a good day. We have learned to live moment-to-moment with my Little Old Lady who is such a fierce Warrior. Some days she pushes back at the multitude of ailments fighting to sap her strength and conquer her and she is awesome in her abilities; other days, the battle takes everything she has and her exhaustion flattens her and drips from her furs. It is on those days that we draw closer and add extra loving strength...but we also whisper that we will understand if she decides to surrender.

Puff had been carefully arranged for comfort and was stretched out in hr bed. She was restless in a fidgety sort of way and although the water bowl was right beside her, she had to be encouraged to take drinks.

Lately, I have found her more willing to long deep drinks if I hold her in my arms and hold a bowl to her lips. She still voraciously prefers to eat on her own...and never says "no" to treats.

I followed White Dog down the hall to the bedroom. Lying on our bed, head hanging down to nearly touch Puff in hers, was Zsofia. She had kept watch for nearly the entire evening according to WD. "Zso, sweet baby girl," I said to her, "you are so wonderful keeping Puff company and making sure she is safe. As long as I am here, let's offer the matriarch some more water, what do you think?"

As I lifted Puff into my arms and reached for the small bowl of water I had specially placed on the nightstand, Zsofia hopped off of the bed and went outside. Puff took a long drink and I resettled her. I thought Zsofia had done her duty and was now once again among the rest of the White Dog Army, but as I stood to go back to the office, Zsofia bounded back through the dog door and resettled into her place on the bed.

Reaching for the treat jar on the headboard, I told her, "You might need a little something if you mean to keep nursing her." And I gave her a treat. Puff lifted HER head..."And of course, you, too!"...and White Dog, in the doorway, swished her tail. "Yes, you DID bring this all to my attention. Have a cookie." As I screwed the lid back on I offered a final treat to Zso, "just because."


meowmeowmans said...

The care, love and compassion of the WDA always gives us hope and light. Well done, Zsofia. And purrs, prayers and love for Puff, and all of you.

NanĂ¼k said...

Woo are a very good huskerboo Zsofia!


Random Felines said...

oh Zso....we are SO proud of you...we know Puff appreciates the quiet company