June 24, 2016

White Dog was trying to sleep. It was clear that if she wanted peace and quiet she would have to return to her own bed instead of resting in the living room. She sighed and left the room. Most of the others were just ignoring the vocal arguments that Zsofia was making to Pearl.

Pearl, in her typical fashion, was sleeping draped over the top of the Watching Chair with her feet dangling and chin resting on the window ledge. She was soundly asleep as it was still early in White Dog terms...or she was doing a fine job of pretending.

The problem was that Zso wanted to sit on that chair and look out of the window. She asked her sister to move with a polite tail wag and woo. Pearl ignored her. Zsofia asked again, this time putting her paw up on the chair cushion. No response.

The Darkest White Dog hopped onto the partner chair just 8" away from the other and looking out of the same windows, not to settle and look out there, but to reach her face across the space and woo her demand directly into Pearl's face. Pearly Girl did not even open her eyes.

Getting bolder, Zso stood on the little chest that serves as a table between the chairs and dramatically sniffed her sister making a point to huff into her ear. When that did not work, she crossed onto the Watching Chair and tried to squeeze into the space around her sleeping sibling.

Still failing to win the chair, Zsofia began to body press the smaller Pearl, forgetting Pearl was a mill dog and used to holding ground (Pearl is a tenacious stubborn one). Finally, The Dark One got a low throaty growl in response, but no movement of concession.She jumped off the chair and stood wooing a song of disrespect and bullying.

"All right, Little Miss," I told Zsofia. "You asked and were answered. She was there first. You can go on the chair next to her or stretch out on the couch, nobody is there."  Zso looked at me and started to complain. "Now stop!"

Zsofia picked up turtle carried it near as if to ask to play and then at the last moment skirted me with a haughty look. I heard the dog door slam. "Or you can go sulk outside."

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meowmeowmans said...

Mom's right, Zsofia. Pearl was there first. :)

But she'll get up at some point ... and then, you'll have your turn!