June 26, 2016

White Dog and YoYoMa were the only ones not gathered around the bed staring at CA Stormer. He HATES being stared at to begin with and this attention did not make me feel incredibly comfortable as we settled Stormer on the bed and prepared to trim his nails for the first time ever.

Our boy is a nervous one sometimes and I have been casually working to make sure he grew to not feel invaded by my touching his feet and squeezing his toes. He has been surprisingly non effected by my actions. Of course, the treat jar was at my hip and open just in case additional reinforcement was needed.

He stretched out between Steve and I looking a bit puzzled but enjoying the position of honor on the bed. Steve, his best buddy, was rubbing his belly and explaining that the nail clip would not hurt a bit and that there were rewards involved. I wrapped my arm around under his chin to cradle his neck and hold his collar and with the other arm took over the tummy rub.

CA was an old pro! Did not flinch a single time even though a few of the nails were extra long and tough which meant a tighter pinch. He would lift his head to let me know when a treat was due and then go back to his resting pose.

Of course, the WDA felt that as "official certifiers that no harm was done during this process" they, too, deserved rewards. They were disappointed upon rereading their contracts to find that only one treat would be given at the END of the procedure.

Steve nicked a quick on the back foot; fortunately it was a tiny breech which did not bleed much. Stormer looked up over his shoulder and then at me. TWO treats were the going price to forget about it.

In no time we were done and CA was returned to terra firma. His first few steps were tentative, kind of like walking in new shoes, but when I unscrewed the treat jar again to pay the gallery, he was able to trot right over.

"Wow!" I said to White Dog later. "Stormer did REALLY well! I kind of expected Mr. Crabby to display his angst-driven side but nope, your White Dog Army training shines through! good job to him...and you!"


NanĂ¼k said...

Good job little mate!


Random Felines said...

YAY Stormer....what a brave boy!!