July 1, 2016

White Dog just sighed and rolled her eyes. "I wonder how much Zsofia paid him for THAT little routine?" she asked.

Unexpectedly, YoYoMa had requested permission to entertain us during dinner. "You know, momma, you and dad will be at the opera tomorrow and then there are lots of busy things happening. I thought it might be kind of fun to share a laugh."

So dutifully White Dog introduced him as we noshed on stir-fry and Yo took the center of the room as we capped off the meal with raspberries and whipped cream.

"Thanks, family, for coming out to see me tonight," Yo began. The heckling began with Sachi, "Who came out? We are at home trying to enjoy a nice quiet dinner." YoYoMa ignored him and continued.

"I just finished reading a new book,  The Star- Spangled Banner by Jose Kanusee." he began. "Do you know what the colonists wore to the Boston Tea Party?" he paused for drama..."T-Shirts, of course!" Pearly giggled.

"Speaking of the country's birthday. Do you know why are birthday's good for you? Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longestI bet the worst part about being a birthday cake is when you're set on fire, and then eaten by the hero that saved you." 

I heard WD breathe in slowly and deeply as she watched her brothers and sisters start to enjoy the yuckfest.

"Can anyone guess who in the White Dog Army has a special connection to all of my jokes tonight? Just a hint, she is a darker shade of pale." Yo scanned the audience before nodding in Zso's direction.

It was hard to miss her leaping and singing, "It is me. It is ME! MY birthday is on the Fourth of July!"

YoYoMa smiled, "The Little Miss is right! Just three days to get those gifts wrapped and the cake baked. I understand we can expect chicken feet at the party!"

Sachi, the heckler reawakened. "To dance, to eat, or are you describing dad's feet?"

At that, White Dog turned off the lights.

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