July 18, 2016

White Dog pointedly looked into the toy bins. Both were completely empty. The White Dog Army has no shortage of toys, balls, stuffies and other pup enjoyment accessories. Normally, well when things are cleaned up for company, the paraphernalia fills two plastic crates.

There was not a single thing in either the brown or the green tote. White Dog theatrically moved from one all the way around to the other to peer deeply and sniff for quite some time. "OK, I get," I said. "Where ARE all of the toys?"

She pranced down the hall into the bedroom and then paused to look over her shoulder. As a child I learned watching Lassie television shows that this action was the universal dog signal for "Come on! Follow me!" So, I followed after her.

We startled Opal awake. She was sound asleep lying on a mattress made up of all the missing toys. Opal jumped to her feet unsure whether to run or to try to save her stash of treasures. She quickly compromised by grabbing the unstuffed fox and running out of the dog door.

Zsofia appeared out of no where, calmly lifted the old wretched green snakey from the heap and then she, too, went through the portal...with Sachi on her heels carrying the baby green tennis ball.

Opal slunk back inside and used her giraffe neck skills to grab the leg of the stuffed moose before bolting back into the yard.

"Hey," I called after her. "Who is going to bring those all back into the house...and put everything into the toy bins?" I looked down expecting White Dog to be there and to agree with me, but she disappeared at my mention of cleanup.

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Random Felines said...

all of our toys mysteriously disappear from the toy box too....mom says at least we can't take them outside :)