July 22, 2016

White Dog nodded her approval.

In the middle of the room CA Stormer rested with his head on his paws. Zsofia had been lying across my feet before she stretched her full length flailing her legs as she turned to occupy the space between CA and me. Her paws landed on his shoulder and she looked directly into his face.

I held my breath. Stormer is still adjusting to life in a big family and often is uncomfortable when his space is invaded. He had an awful time whenever  Puff sat near him and looked into his eyes. Several times he snapped at our Little Old Lady. And now Zso was touching him AND looking at him.

I moved forward in my chair when our darkest White Dog tilted her snout back next to his face in a silly "let's play" motion. I feared poor Stormer would freak out at this intrusion. Zsofia was in a pretty vulnerable position. The last thing I wanted was a physical outburst.

Stormer turned his head to see Zsofia out of his good eye. His muscles bunched. The "baby" woo'd him. He grunted. Then he shifted turning to face the opposite direction. Stormer then put his head back on his paws.

My heart started beating again. Zsofia nudged his back. She got no response. Zso twisted and rolled again coming back against me. All four legs straight in the air, she peddled for my attention. And got a belly rub.

To CA I whispered, "Good job, Buddy! Well handled!"


Random Felines said...

Good job CA

Brian said...

Way to go Stormer, ya done good!

meowmeowmans said...

Well done, CA Stormer! We're proud of you, dude!

NanĂ¼k said...

Well done CA Stormer!

Louis the Blogging Dog said...

Woofy well done!
from Louis Dog Armstrong