July 6, 2016

White Dog and the White Dog Army suddenly were all around me and in my lap and at my side and sitting on my feet. They did not ask about the news. I don't think it mattered to them. My pack enclosed me in a protective shield of white and each was focused on making sure my eyes read their committed devotion to riding the storm with me.

"We can get through anything," White Dog reminded me. "No challenge is insurmountable," YoYoMa said as he rested his goofy smiling face on my knee in an attempt to ease my distress.

"Together we are strong, you tell us that all of the time," Nilla started and then defiantly turned her head upward to howl her conviction. Sachi, Pearl, and Stormer joined her.

 I sat surrounded and drew from their well of confidence and belief. Across the room, Puff struggled to sit up and make eye contact. I KNEW her message...NEVER Surrender.

What amazing spirits and hearts these furry members of my family have! Without a question or doubt each of them would march into hell with me if needed. They will never desert me or stop believing. The White Dog Army recognizes my promise to each of them of "Always" and returns a thousand-fold the bond.

Suddenly, I did not feel so socked in the gut; instead I felt the tiny spark of brave determination to face this new challenge. I was not alone...I have an Army to make things right. And I am grateful.


Gus said...

Prayers on their way. Whatever the problem is, you are WA strong

Random Felines said...

you have the WDA and all of us too...

NanĂ¼k said...

All of us send prayers and intense pawsitive huskerboo energy for you and yours, may whatever troubles you fade very soon,

Nuk & Family

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

The School is nationally restructuring its administrative setup at each individual school which is going to have major negative impact on Steve and our family....and many others as well.