August 1, 2016

White Dog gestured at the information on the post board at the opening of this blog, the one that tells us about our stats and posts and views and such. "Today is our 4040 post!" she exclaimed. "That is like a little over ELEVEN years!"

"Hmm," I responded. "Almost as much time as you have been alive; certainly about as long as you have been part of our family. Think there might be a connection?"

"Think about it, momma. This blog has been the guardian of our story for so long. It is amazing. Remember how long it was just me? And your getting so sick? And you and dad having a Recommitment Ceremony, And Quinn coming to start the White Dog Army. And..."

I kissed the top of her head. "Every important thing in our lives, Little White Dog of My Heart. This is your chronicle. THIS is what they will use when they produce the major motion picture of your life. Better start thinking about who you will want to play the part of you."

"Robin Williams would have been the perfect choice for Dad. He was always getting mistaken for him--even in LA," WD giggled. "For you, momma..." "Please Sweet girl, don't go there. Can you imagine someone getting stuck with that unglamorous part? You, on the other hand, would need to be played by an newly discovered starlet, like Audrey Hepburn was only furry and white."

"For fun I am going to ask my brothers and sisters for their choices of movie celebrity to play their parts," White Dog said and bounded out of the room.


Random Felines said...

it is interesting to look back and see what changes have happened - the good and the bad

NanĂ¼k said...

That's pretty impressive mates! Excuse us while we go peruse some of wooos old posts!


Brian said...

Congrats on 4040, oh the changes y'all have seen.

meowmeowmans said...

Congratulations on 4040 posts! That's amazing, dear friends, and what a wonderful chronicle of your lives your wonderful blog is. Big hugs to you all, and wishes for 5050 more, and beyond!

The Daily Pip said...

4040 POSTS!!! That is truly amazing and worthy of celebrations! Cheers!