August 10, 2016

White Dog had long ago lost her patience and had gone back to her "room." Nilla was walking along the perimeter of the living room to avoid engaging. Benson had bared teeth in return and then felt guilty enough to lie contritely at my feet.

CA Stormer was raining on everyone. The crabby old man even yelled at Steve, his best bud, demanding that Steve drop what he was doing to present his breakfast. SOME pup clearly had gotten up on the wrong side of the bed.

Knowing his mood, the White Dog Army quickly developed a strategy of avoiding the malcontent. Stormer did not like being ignored and complained loudly as he settled across the kitchen doorway.

Steve came in from the yard and was fussing with something in the kitchen. It did not quite sound like breakfast but the noises were interesting enough that Bella was drawn to see.

She hustled out from under her chair and pranced across the living room toward Steve. As she neared the doorway, CA raised his voice and gave her a bullying challenge.

I could feel the others telepathically telling our tiny shyest girl to just go back under the chair. "Dad will tell us when it is time to eat," they thought. "Avoid the crabby one."

Bella planted her feet and lowered her little body a bit. Then she let loose with her own response of smack talk to her brother. Bella, the timid, roared and moved forward pushing Stormer, in his surprise, to back up into the kitchen. The little girl walked past him and went over to Steve.

All of the family was shocked into silence over Bella's confrontation with the bully. CA came over looking confused and laid down at my feet; he looked up as if not quite understanding what had just happened.

"Dear Boy," I said, "you have not been very nice this morning. When you yell at some pup and try to block their passage you must expect that they might get upset. You deserved everything she said. Sit here with me for awhile and let's work on an attitude adjustment."

I heard Steve congratulate Bella in the other room and tell her how brave she had been. Slowly, the rest of the WDA made their way out to the kitchen to nuzzle their pride...and to inquire about breakfast.


meowmeowmans said...

Good job, Bella. Way to stand up for yourself!

And CA Stormer, we understand ... everyone has an "off" day. Right?

Hugs to you all!

Random Felines said...

good job Bella.....sometimes grouchy boys just need to be put in their place