August 24, 2016

White Dog and the others had a lovely song prepared...which went on for WAY too long. Sleeping Trixie protected the door so well that Steve had to slide her over to allow entry. Zsofia felt the need to examine our guest's nostrils with her tongue. Sachi was safely sequestered in the bathtub to avoid a flesh tasting but was screaming as though he was drowning.

Steve and Officer M from Albuquerque Animal Welfare came in from the sun porch where they had been trying to have a quieter conversation. The WDA ramped up their volume and everyone pushed to sniff the woman here to review us and grant our multi-dog permit.

"Are you all crazy?" I hissed at the WDA and WD in particular. "Are you TRYING to sabotage our chances?" They looked at me and continued to bark. Then Benson and Storm decided to demonstrate family unity by having a lip curling smack down. "All is lost," I groaned.

Those who have followed us for a time know that every year we are snagged by some requirement or additional piece of information that needs to be provided in order to receive the precious permit. Puff was a conundrum to the City in her old age, medical exception from spaying, not fitting into licensing categories. We were hoping this would be a smooth year.

Steve and Officer M went out to check the yard...and the dog door banged with a charge to follow and was held open as the less brave peered out from the safety of the bedroom...barking their bravery from a distance.

They both came back in and sat down. Zsofia took that as an invitation to tongue bathe the enforcement office. "Zso! Manners! Please!" Officer M is not the warm fuzzy type and was not very comfortable with all of the attentions.

"Everything looks good," she said as she began filling out the permit. My heart sang. "You will have 10 days to get your new dog licensed but if you need a little extra time just let me know and I will grant an extension." Really, is this the same woman who last year left me digging my fingernails into my palms in aggravation?

"You always have things in perfect order. I know people with only five dogs whose animals are in bad shape and yours are all groomed and clean and they have all they need." This was a dream. I silently thanked the Universe.

We talked for a few more minutes about HER dogs and rescues. And when she left the Army sang her out. THIS time she actually turned back into the house to smile and wave.

"We charmed her, didn't we, momma!" White Dog bragged. "From now on she is putty in our hands!" "Oh, I am pretty sure she will remember the White Dog Army," I told them. "And the permit is ours!"


How Sam Sees It said...

Yay for the smooth process! Years ago we had to get a permit - they asked to see our kennel and we showed them the couch. Love those county requirements.

Monty, Harlow and Ramble

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Jans Funny Farm said...

It sounds as if you have made a valuable friend.