August 27, 2016

White Dog buried her head under my arm at the sound of Steve's plaintive "OH NO!" He was out in the kitchen with a passel of supervisors and we could not see what was going on but his cry made it clear that something was not right.

I expected a blizzard of guilty looking white and not entirely white dogs dashing past White Dog and myself  but there was no evacuation. Instead we noticed the small refrigerator creeping into our view. "What the..."

WD and I saw Steve grab the broom and dustpan from the closet. I raised an eyebrow. "You know," he said, "how you are supposed to eat before shopping and we didn't? Well I was starving now so I was munching on peanuts from the jar while I unpacked. I didn't have anyplace to put them so I put the jar on top of the toaster oven on the little frig. Well the copper hanging baskets, the bottom one just broke lose and swung down and knocked the peanuts behind the refrigerator."

That explained it...and the ensuing conversation. "Stormer get out of back there." "Come on Zso, I am trying to sweep up the mess." "You guys could cooperate a little, Trixie and Sachi. OUT!"

He finally got the area behind the refrigerator swept clean...and removed the "helpers" so that he could return the appliance to its rightful place. It started moving backward again...

...and then "OH NO!"

Steve had put the peanuts in the dust pan on top of the little counter next to where the refrigerator fits. All of the supervisors were directing and trying to oversee the completion of the task. Zsofia, tall and limber, but her front feet on the counter to see better...

...and knocked the dustpan back into the refrigerator space.

"Timeout!" White Dog called. "Every one out of the kitchen. You, too, dad. Now shut the door. Dad sit down and have a glass of water. Every one needs a ten minute break."

"The groceries," Steve protested trying not to be flustered. "Nothing will happen in ten minutes except you will catch your breath, hydrate a bit, and step away from the stress. Now, SIT!"

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Random Felines said...

we hate it when that happens :)