August 29, 2016

White Dog laughed. "The best measure that a new recruit is gaining confidence and health is when he or she feels safe enough to push the limits."

Trixie, our big Nearly White Girl, came to us a few weeks ago kind of dragging. The poor senior had gone through the tremendous upheaval of relocating and being rehomed and had a UTI to boot. She just wasn't sure.

But the meds had a good effect on the infection, and she began to find things she LIKED about New Mexico and living in the Army...the sun porch couch was a perfect place to sleep...the food was fantastic...leash walks with siblings was fun. Life was undemanding and all were kind. Even being brushed out felt good...AND ended with a training treat!

Trixie has begun spending more time with the family although she still mostly enjoys "her" space. She and Sachi rest side-by-side listening to the birds and traffic from famous Route 66 out there. The new exercise routine has begun to add muscle tone to her hind end and her arthritis is not quite so crippling (thanks to the dry NM air and supplements). The pain-free mobility has allowed her to explore and begin to claim her environment. It is wonderful to watch her stride.

This afternoon, she joined the usual kitchen help in supervising Steve as he cooked and bagged for freezing the special diet that she and Benson eat. It was a long time standing and being social...but well rewarded when Steve offered tasting samples.

My chicken strips for lunch sat on the counter while Steve took a phone call in the quieter part of the house. They smelled tempting to me but also to the parade of White Dogs who cruised past the spot with noses uplifted. Zsofia in a moment of wisdom (I tell her all of the time that "Wisdom" is the meaning of her name) came and laid at my feet.

The biggest girl, our phoenix of black and white. walked up to the counter spot, looked both left and right at the others, then directly at me. She agilely lifted herself on hind legs to snag the biggest strip. Trixie turned her back on all and wolfed my lunch down before Steve even came back to the room to discover the plate and remaining strip in the sink.

"What happened?" he asked. All eyes turned to the remorseless Trixter, who merely licked her lips.


meowmeowmans said...

Trixie certainly IS feeling more comfortable there in the WDA. We sure hope you got something else to eat for lunch, Mom Sue. :)

Random Felines said...

oh well....a decent sacrifice for the newest WDA member :)

Jans Funny Farm said...

You watched her eat your lunch? You are a much calmer human than our Jan. :)

Susan Sehi-Smith said...

Frankly, Jan, we were amazed the old arthritic girl could ACTUALLY jump up there and stay long enough to snag the strip. It was a mixture of frustration...and pride.