August 4, 2016

White Dog trotted out to the laundry line with Steve. He was hanging up wet towels. "Gee, Dad, those towels are getting quite a workout this week. And Spa Week is not over yet!"

Here on Towel Off Thursday, the White Dog Army stands at eight freshly bathed and salon pampered White Dogs, two more to go...
CA Stormer was Number 8 today. And as is the tradition, he gets to choose who goes next.

Next up on Friday, Stormer? "I pick the darkest White Dog, Zsofia."

Zsofia heard her name, grabbed snakey and bolted out through the dog door. "Hope she comes in before her date with destiny," White Dog snickered.

1 comment:

B.J. Herrick said...

HeHe Zoe...you can run..but you cannot HIDE!!!