September 1, 2016

White Dog said, "We are focused on life changes this week, momma. For this Throwback Thursday, let us celebrate one of the most profound changes ever in our lives...the arrival of the Mighty Quinn, Another White Dog, founder of the White Dog Army."

I smiled at My Girl's perfect timing. Quinn's arrival WAS life changing. He awakened us to rescue and to the incredible community of kindred who reached out and joined together to get this death row boy in California to us. He began what was to literally become an Army as he and White Dog showed us again and again that we always had bounty enough to share just one more time.

Here's to you Mighty Quinn, and all who helped make that February day over six years ago reality. That new direction has given so much joy and blessing.

We first laid eyes and hugged furs in a house we rented for the weekend to meet our incredible rescue team who saved our boy from death in one of CA's worst shelters and then drove countless hours to meet us in Arizona.

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Brian said...

Part of the name is Mighty for a reason!!!