September 17, 2016

White Dog was gracious when I told her that the White Dog Army would not be attending the Walk to End Alzheimers. I explained that Karen, a new Paws To People volunteer, asked if she could bring her new rescue, Lossen, to see if he would someday be able to proudly represent our organization as a spokesdog.

Lossen is an older guy who has some health issues but who seems very mellow. He has not been socialized much. Karen is working on making him comfortable around other dogs and cats by bringing him to the boarding kennel where she works. But this was a chance to see how he would do with LOTS of people and many distractions and a whole range of different dog types.

We thought this first time out it would be good to let Lossen be a solo act. Plus he is IS a mostly White Dog.

White Dog thought about it and gave me a list of test questions for him and things to watch for in measuring his suitability. "Whoa! Baby Girl!", I told her. "This is his first time at this EVER; lets not stress him with performance evaluations...yet!" I promised that if Lossen liked today and it did not make him nervous or fearful that he would be regularly coming to events and that the White Dog Army would meet him one-by-one. "You will see him and be able to assess his abilities for yourself."

The REAL argument winner, I BELIEVE, was the news that we had to be at the Civic Center at 7 am to set up the wading pool for pups participating in the walk as well as the Paws To People information table.

"We would have to get up and be ready before it is light," White Dog determined. "Yes, Sweet Love, it is true. Not my best time either." I replied. "Maybe this WOULD be a good initiation for the new kid," she said and stretched, yawning.

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Random Felines said...

We bet Lossen did great