September 22, 2016

White Dog and the rest of the Army was awake well before the alarm...and so was Steve. Even though it was only 6am, there was an air of anticipation and nervousness as every one paced about in fidgety busy-ness. I continued to rest and breathe deeply.

Finally Zsofia could not stand it any longer. She jumped on the bed and stuck her cold nose under my arm. "MOMMA! It is dad's first day at work" she sang. "Get up and help him get ready!" "Sweet Baby, he does not leave for two and a half hours. Relax!" "We have to get him ready," she woo'd more insistently.

Next thing I knew, Sachi was jumping and scrambling for my attention at the side of the bed. Bella pushed her head under my hand. White Dog joined Zso on the bed and even Trixie came in and laid her head across my neck. Only YoYoMa grunted in my defense that everyone should settle down, let us sleep, and not panic.

"All right. I will join you all." I surrendered. "What do we need to do to get dad ready?"

"We need to make him a lunch," Stormer said. "Did it last night, it is in the refrigerator ready to go--a healthy stir fry." I responded.

"Breakfast?" Stormer, again. "A muffin all bagged up for him to take with and a banana."

"OUR breakfast?" Nilla cut to the chase. "Dad already as everything all set up; he just needs to put your bowls down."

"Getting him dressed in fancy work clothes," Bella offered. "Dad does a pretty good job of dressing himself and I think all of us helping might not be so much assistance. Just someone be sure to do the man thing." I got questioning looks. "Make sure his fly is zipped," I said. "Wouldn't want him going out in his nervousness undone." Benson raised a paw to accept the responsibility.

"How is he going to even GET to work without a car," Pearl challenged. The car was in for servicing yesterday...one of those tasks assigned before we knew Steve would find work so quickly. They did not complete the "To Do" list and insisted on keeping the car overnight. It was a twist not planned for. "Dad is going to Uber to work and then to the car place after to claim back Pumpkin." I reassured her. "Is it safe?" "Yes."

It was like a first day of school...with 11 wistful worried mommas.

White Dog said, "I think dad is nervous."

Steve came out of the office to put down dog breakfasts and share a few minutes before he had to dash. I addressed WD's concern.

"It has been almost 6 years," he replied. "Yes, I am nervous. And new people. And I feel like I will need to prove myself." I noticed welts on his neck. "Yes, I have a nerve rash," he admitted. "Kind of silly, right."

At the news of the rash the WDA was all for him taking a sick day.

"Sweet loves...all of you, Steve...everyone in this situation gets nervous but remember your have over 30 years of experience as an architect and have done some incredible projects and know all of the intricacies of the field...you have stayed on top of the specialized technology; heck, you are considered an expert here in Albuquerque...and you have stellar recommendations from coworkers, those you have worked alongside, even your students. Remember how nervous you were the first time you faced 30 students in a lecture hall? You've got this and have NOTHING to prove. Take a deep breath and feel all of us next to you all day."

"And besides," Sachi added, "if it doesn't work out you will get the chance you didn't this time to be unemployed and hang out with us for a while." White Dog glared at him. Steve laughed..."and that might not be SO horrible if you could live without treats."

As Sachi pondered the choice, the cab pulled up and we sent Steve off on his new adventure.


NanĂ¼k said...

Good news, glad Steve found work~


24 Paws of Love said...

Good luck Steve! Go get 'em!

Brian said...

We hope that first day was a good one Steve!

Random Felines said...

We know Steve did great!