September 5, 2015

White Dog wondered out loud why humans felt the need to celebrate every holiday with noisy, stinking fireworks. YoYoMa swinging his head in agitation came into the office just in time to add his, "yeah, why?" The little voice of Opal came from deep within the safe haven crate adding her agreement with WD's question.

A string of loud pops right near the house brought Stormer to Steve's side, where Benson already pressed. "It is stupid," Steve agreed.

Then the display began at the baseball park. Although it is a mile and a half away, we can clearly hear the thunderous explosion as the bursts fill the air over the stadium. Not a single White Dog appreciates the festive beauty.

Quickly the office filled, even the White Dogs who did not fear the noises (or who could not hear them) did not want to be apart from the pack during the unease. We opened another pane on the computer and started an Enya album playing. "Sail Away" and "Only Time" are soothing family favorites.

Steve got up amid eyes begging him not to leave but held up a hand. "I will be right back," he promised. "Anyone who wants to can come with me." Storm and Sachi devotedly followed. They returned in a few brief moments...carrying peanut butter and pretzels..."Thought we could all use a crunchy treat," he said and began to dip pretzels in pb and distribute the twisty noms.

Listening to music and eating shifted every pup's focus. After a bit I said, "Listen to that." The WDA tilted heads up and swiveled ears. They bent their heads. Finally WD asked, "What are we listening for?" "The sound of peace and quiet. The fireworks are over. All is normal once again." Relief settled over the Army.

Steve handed out a final round of treats and slowly everyone wandered off. Ah, holiday complete.

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