October 10, 2016

White Dog laughed at the photo. "So she was not always tall enough to walk under," she observed. Usually when a new recruit joins the White Dog Army, it is without a connection to his or her happier days; we forever guess what each looked like as a puppy. We miss the funny stories of growing up. For most of our family, life begins when they walk through our door.

We have been blessed to know Trixie's past and have a connection to the stubborn frisky pup who grew up to be a large version of THAT girl. We are all fascinated to know that much more about our Big Baby Girl.

Then...and now...Trixie Marie, the Nearly White Dog...


Random Felines said...

that puppy face just screams "trouble" :)

Susan Sehi-Smith said...

Trixie DOES have her how shall we say this nicely...demonic imp moments even at her age now! BOL! Trying getting a kleenex or something from the trash out of her jaws of death.