October 12, 2016

White Dog sniffed, "Really momma, sometimes I think you don't appreciate HALF the nice things the White Dog Army does for you."

"Sweet Love, you are all my anchor and my sail. Of course I am incredibly grateful for all you do and give to me."

"Well, you hurt Zsofia's feelings by not thanking her for the little extra touch she added to tonight's turndown service. People pay LOTS of money to stay in fancy hotels who turn back the bed and leave a little treat on the pillow."

"You are right. Perhaps I should call her in and tell her what a thoughtful gesture it was." White Dog nodded and ran for her sister.

"Oh, Zso! Thank You so much!"


Tweedles -- that's me said...

oh yikes!

Barbara said...

I hope that's an insect, yet I also hope it isn't...ewwww