October 18, 2016

White Dog gently nuzzled her brother's head and turned to me. "YoYoMa NEVER gets sickies," she said, "I hope he is going to be all right."

My big boy, MY defender was a collapsed rag at my side. He had just vomited dinner and then rushed outside (followed by Steve) for an explosive moment at the other end. His eye was puffy, nearly closed, and his nose was running.

No doubt about it, Yo was hit with sickies.

Gently we cleaned him up and rinsed his mouth. He was grateful for the help and for the concerns of the White Dog Army, but he really just wanted to be left alone to sleep.

I kissed his face. "Just a few things, Sweet Boy," I whispered, feeling my boy's discomfort. "Then you can just sleep. It will be the best thing." Steve applied eye cream to the puffy eye. We gave him a pepcid to calm his tummy and a benedryl to counteract what looked like an allergy attack.

Yo kissed my hand and went to his nighttime sleep spot.

"I think we have two things happening," I told Steve and White Dog. "The eye and runny nose seem like allergies but I think he also has a tummy bug...a flu kind of thing. Let us watch him and see but I do not think he needs a trip to the vet." Steve agreed. "I just hate seeing him so miserable. I know how he must feel; it is like I was a couple of days ago."

White Dog gathered the WDA and quietly assigned check in duties to monitor Yo and make sure he did not need anything. "I think Yo should be excused from walks tonight, Dad," she advised. "Let's just let him rest. He can have treats if he wants but I wouldn't force him."

YoYoMa did timidly take his treats at bedtime but some time during the night hurried out to expunge them. All of the WDA shook their heads, "he REALLY isn't feeling well."


meowmeowmans said...

Poor Yo! We are sorry you're feeling so lousy, pal, and send our heartfelt purrs and prayers that you're on the mend soon.

24 Paws of Love said...

Nothing worse than a tummy bug. Hope you are feeling better very soon YoYoMa.

Random Felines said...

poor Yo...hoping he feels much better very very soon

NanĂ¼k said...

Aw Yo, feel better soon mate!


Brian said...

We sure hope the all better shows up soon.